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Serving Our Shaler Area Community

The members of the Shaler Area Rotary are local business owners and residents of the Shaler Area who care about helping the Community when called upon. 

The club provided much needed COVID relief totaling $20,000 in donations to local organizations addressing food insecurities and other services to individuals impacted by the pandemic. We have secured grants and donated $9000 to the Shaler Area Backpack Initiative. Some of the many past projects the Shaler Area Rotary have helped were during the Etna Flood disaster recovery. The Shaler Area Rotary provided $25,000 to help those in need replace household appliances and other needed items. The Shaler Rotary donated a $15,000 TracFab all-terrain wheelchair to a local veteran and two adaptive bikes to local disabled children. The club secured $25,000 in funds for 2018 Millvale flood relief. The Shaler Area Rotary provided a jaws of life to a local Volunteer Fire Department. The club awards annual scholarships to district seniors toward secondary education, provides scholarships for kids to attend summer camp at the Boys and Girls club in Millvale, aids in food bank assistance, and supports other local nonprofits like the North Hills Community Outreach. These are just part of a list of community projects completed by the Shaler Area Rotary.


The Organizational Period

January 1952-April 28,1952
Early in January 1952, in order to spread Rotary throughout the territory of 260, District Governor, Louis Hamilton met with members of the Sharpsburg-Etna-Aspinwall Rotary Clubs to consider it feasibility of a separate club in the Borough of Etna. A survey was made under the Governor’s special representatives, Orlando Finelli and Clarence Fugh of the parent club. On February 12,1952 a meeting was called at the offices of Thomas Jeremiah Sr. in the Peoples Savings & Loan offices. In attendance was Governor Lou Hamilton, Special District Representatives, Harry Wehreheim, Orlando Finelli, Clarence Fugh, and the following prospective Rotarian’s: Tom Jeremiah Sr., Sam Fitch, Norm Adams, Art Bittner, Fred Huston, George Hoburg, D.Edwin Austen, L.K.Barry, Harold Beacher, Ed Berry, and Bob Winschel. At this meeting it was decided that this group would be the nucleus of a new Rotary Club in Etna.

The following officers were elected:

President: Tom Jeremiah Sr
Vice President: Sam Fitch
Secretary: Bob Winschel
Treasurer: Fred Huston
Directors: Norm Adams Harold Beacher George Hoburg

The Original Club was Etna Rotary. The named was changed to Etna-Shaler Rotary in the 1980′ s to reflect the growing Shaler Community. In 2009 wtih the closing of the Millvale Rotary Club the name was changed again to the Shaler Area Rotary Club. This was done to provide community service throughout the Shaler Community. Since 1952 the Shaler Area Rotary has been available to community service projects and the needs of community families, and are committed to continue this effort. In 2022, we celebrated 70 years in serving the Shaler Community.

Officers and Members



  • Ken Batko
  • Tom Bielski
  • Greg Bittner
  • Larry Bock
  • Jacqlyn Boggs
  • James-Brian Byers
  • Matt Caiazza
  • Joe Dananay
  • Casey Dunaway
  • Dave Fitzsimmons
  • Etna Borough Council
  • Dave Florijan
  • Carl Funtal
  • Joe Gallagher
  • Scott Gettings
  • Michael Giazzoni
  • Bob Neely
  • Vince Pascoe
  • Arnie Peace
  • Nora Peace
  • Wayne Skelley
  • Daniel Smail

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